Payback? Co-ordinating Solutions to the Debt Crisis

The problems created by different kinds of debt are multiple and extensive. They hinder efforts to create more prosperous communities that are socially inclusive, equitable and sustainable. However, there are a range of existing and proposed alternatives. Payback? Co-ordinating Solutions to the Debt Crisis explores these 'solutions', asking how we can create stronger links between them, and those working to advance them. Payback? consists of a one-day workshop and an e-conference. These events are designed to produce both policy-facing outputs and collaborations among academics and organisations working on the problems created by debt.

The e-conference is scheduled to take place online on 6th& 7th September 2018.

If you would like to find out more or be involved in these events, please contact Dr. Christopher Harker ASAP.

This is being coordinated by the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity’s Financing Prosperity Network (FPN).

The goals of Payback? are:

  1. To bring together various alternatives and solutions to high levels of debt into a coherent platform.
  2. To explore the synergies and connections between these approaches.
  3. To strengthen networks between practitioners, organisations and academics who are working on alternative and anti-debt practices.
  4. To build and strengthen engagement between participants, businesses, community groups and members of UK government working in related areas.
  5. To develop alternative approaches to problems of debt that can travel across different geographic spaces and multiple domains of indebted life. 
  6. To explore opportunities for future research, policy-making and activism around solutions and alternatives to indebted life.